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Strategy Builder
No Hidden Fees or Restrictions

There's no extra fees or restrictions on trade frequency, amount, or volume. We don't take any commission or charge any additional fees for your trading activity.

24/7 Trading in the Cloud

Trade 24/7 automatically in the cloud. You don't need to host anything yourself, and you won't ever need to upgrade, patch, or install anything.

Safe and Secure

We interface directly with your exchange so your funds are stored securely on your exchange at all times. We will never have access to withdraw your funds.


Gain valuable insights into your bot's trading patterns

Successful traders have one trait in common: they are hyper-aware of their trades. Performance is at the top of their mind and increasing their profit is their #1 goal.

Keep your finger on the pulse of your bots with your own in-depth dashboard. Gain valuable insights by analyzing your trades to increase your profit from your strategy.

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Experiment with different indicators to build your strategy

Before you unleash your bots on the live markets you should take time to test your strategy on historical markets to ensure it is meeting your personal profit targets.

Backtesting is an important part of developing a trading strategy. Your strategy will be calculated against historical data to help you to gain insights into how your strategy would have traded in certain market environments.

Paper Trading

Run your bots on live markets without any risk

Risk-free trading using paper money to gain insights into how your strategy would perform live.

Your bots will create trades under live market conditions so you can analyze how they perform against other traders. You don't need to connect your exchange as these bots won't interact with your exchange at all.

Paper Trading

Simplify Your Trading Today

Build your strategy today with our free Backtesting and Paper Trading.
Don't pay anything until you're satisfied with your strategies' performance.